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Who we are

We can solve your task with Python. During last 5 years we have developed, and have improved even larger set, a number of Drupal and Python/Django websites. CSS frameworks: Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Foundation. Preprocessors SASS, LESS. We work with data mining and machine learning libraries, such as Pandas and Scikit-learn, too. You can contact if you need the website improvement or you would like to obtain the new one.
Contact us by Skype: mainframe.13 or email:

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Our skills

  • 85%
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Our recent works

Landing page
Website optimization
Website development
Website development, Advertising


Data mining with Pandas package

Python scripts writing for system check, parsing, scraping, etc.

Adaptive websites development with Django and Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4

Django websites optimization. Caching improvement and code refactoring

Machine learning scripts writing with Scikit-learn

Django websites support. Formal agreement making on demand.

Feedback from our customers

Polyhedron group is awesome, they are very responsive and offers multiple solutions to your problem. I highly recommend them.


Brilliant developers! Highly recommended.

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